Buzzing coming from speakers??


Dec 31, 2005
i just got done with an almost impossible installation of a 40mm fan on my northbridge heatsink. when i was done, i fired up the system. upon doing so, i once again noticed a buzzing sound coming from the rear right speaker of my logitech 5.1 setup. it's an inconsistent buzz, if that makes sense. gets louder as i turn the volume up.

after spending 2 hours bending over, looking at my p180, i decided to just pull that speaker out and problem-solve tomorrow. i then noticed that the center channel was also buzzing. unplug. then i noticed EVERY speaker was buzzing (just not as loudly as the rear right speaker). what's wrong? using an asus a8n-sli mobo. i think it started buzzing when i plugged the ac 97 cable from my newly arrived antec front door into the mobo.

oh and the buzzing changes when i fire up games. different frequency (pitch?). most likely a software issue?

ok weird. after opening up my case for the 100th time today, i can hear an electronic buzz. the SAME buzz coming from the speakers. what??!? i know my psu makes a buzzing noise (it's broken too), but this is much louder and it's coming from the motherboard area.