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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Megan, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Dec 19, 2016
    I'm looking for the best gaming pc $1500 and under. Yes, I've seen stuff about building my own but there is absolutely no way I could do it and also through even trying to build my own online starts becoming way more expensive than the sale prices of premade ones with the same specs. There is also nowhere local to build it for me. So I am set on this. How do I choose? Is there a site like does for tv's? Looking for a pc to use my 55" 4K as the monitor. Are iBuyPower or CyberPowerPC's decent company/computer? I'm finding the best prices for these brands so I can either get a more expensive name brand one (MSI/Asus) with lesser specs or one of the former above listed brands with better specs. I'm definitely wanting GTX 1080 and i7. I am split on getting a laptop that isn't caught up with how the desktop are because that's all I've ever known for gaming and writing. I really want to use my 4K tv screen for the moniter but am concerned it will stretch the image and make it blurry? Can you change the size a game is on the tv screen through the laptop? That's my only concern. Otherwise I know the desktop is the absolute best option. Any and all advice is more than welcome and extremely appreciated!
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    Its super easy to do, I watched youtube video's back in 2008 and various websites to learn how to do it. Built 5 computers since. Motherboard manual will tell you how to connect the wires to the case. I'm sure you can do it, it would also save you a lot of $$$ as pre-built computers are naturally more expensive. You could also use this forum. Most of the folks here are very helpful.

    In my experience monitors are better than TVs. Bigger the screen less pixel density which matter when it comes to things like text. Also TVs are typically lowered spec with less than stellar response times and input lag...
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    Pre-built cheap computers for around $300-400 are hard to beat if you try to build yourself because you will be paying $100 for just Windows. But at some point down the $ range it becomes better to build your own because pre-builds have huge markups once they call it a "gaming system."

    Watch some youtube videos on how to build a gaming PC. Make sure you buy a motherboard with the right socket for the CPU. Make sure the memory is the correct memory for the MB. Buy a SSD Solid state drive for your operating system and maybe buy a hard drive 7200rpm for storage or large game files.

    Make sure you know the size of your motherboard so it will fit the case. ATX, Micro ATX. Don't mess with ITX mini systems for a first build.

    When you buy Windows look for a Retail copy or I think they call them Full Versions now. This way you can install it on another system down the road when you are done with whatever you build. But you can only install on one PC at a time. OEM copies are latched onto that specific Mother board and you are not allowed to move it to another computer so the saying goes.

    You need a desktop if you want powerful video card(s). I wouldn't bother with a laptop personally for high end gaming.

    if you end up building your own remember that a static shock from your fingers can toast components so always touch a metal part of the case first to make sure you are discharged at the very least right before you touch the parts. Don't go walking around on carpet holding parts dragging your feet lol

    When you are ready to talk about Monitors and resolution and such go to the display forum and get some tips.
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    Where are you located? I bet we can find some [H] folks to help you out. I am in North Dallas if you are close.
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    If you're anywhere near the Houston area, that's where I am and would be willing to help out.

    As for the laptop vs desktop - for $1500 you can get a kickass gaming PC or a moderate gaming laptop. Both should be able to drive the TV at 1080p for gaming, which should look lovely. Building it yourself - or with help - is *absolutely* the way to go for a gaming PC.

    As for iBuyPower or CyberPowerPC - I'm sure they're fine-ish. You don't always get the highest quality components - they'll say it'll have a 700W power supply, a 250 GB SSD, and a gaming keyboard and mouse. When you get the system, you may find out that all of those components are of low quality / offbrand. Self-assembly means you know *exactly* what you get, not just the numbers on the side of the retail box.