Building New Gaming Machine!


Nov 23, 2019
Hello everyone! I am not sure if this is the right place to post it, but if not, please someone move it.

As I am building my new gaming pc and I am not so familiar with it, I'd like to ask for help.

A few details about pc:

Budget: ~1050$ without cpu (I already bought i5 9600k cuz it was a bargain price (it was even 20$ cheaper then amd ryzen 5 3600))

I am living in eu so please consider eu prices.

I am going to use 1920x1080 240hz monitor

Games that are gonna be played are mostly fps (for now cs:go,fortnite), and probably other that will come out and interest me but I am mostly fps enthusiast that plays on competitive low settings. (I prefer as good smoothness as possible).

I am looking for nvidia, not radeon.

I'd like to buy a pc that will not need any upgrades in the near future.

I think I mentioned everything thats needed to build one, if not, ask me I am gonna respond as fast as possible.

Thank you to everyone who wants to help me!
I was wondering, what is the best gpu for that cpu? I mean best gpu that will not be limited by this cpu.? ( if I can afford is it a good thing to get rtx 2070 super or will it be limited with this cpu) ? I dont want to waste money to buy something that I will not be able to use full its potential/power.
Also are you sure I should be getting that expensive mobo? I thought about msi z390 gaming plus / gigabyte z390 gaming x