Building a PC - Need your help!


Limp Gawd
Sep 21, 2005
We'll next year I am going to be leaving for college at Penn State. My major is business, so I am going to need a computer to complete college tasks, and game. My budget is going to be $1200.00-$1700.00 with a monitor. Also I do need a keyboard, mouse, and mousepad. The monitor has to be at least 19", and must be designed for gaming. I want crystal clear image, no shuttering/tearing etc. If at all possible I would like to order everything from Newegg, however for some things I like I don't think its possible. I have done business with them before, they have good support, fast shipping, and relativly fair prices. I have put together a list so far of what I think is best. Although, I have been out of the loop for a few months... I need your help to critique my parts to the best it can be.

- Lian Li PC-61
Price: $110.00

- DFI Ultra-D
Price: $132.00

- FSP 500W
Price: $91.00

- AMD 64 3700+ San Diego
Price: $222.00

Video Card:
- ATI X800 GTO2
Price: $219.00
Note: I think these have a 100% chance if im correct to flash to 16 Pipelines, making it a X850XT PE? Correct me if im wrong.

- G.SKILL 2GB (1GBx2) DDR400 PC3200
Price: $185.00

- Seagate Barracuda 250GB 8MB Cache Serial ATA150
Price: $103.50

Drivebay 1:
- BenQ 1640
Price: $N/A (est. $60.00)
Note: Not sure where to pick one up. I heard they are the best, I am going to use it for reading DVD's and burning DVD's.

- Logitech G15 USB
Price: $69.95

- Razer Copperhead Tempest
Price: $70.99

- Razer eXactMat Bundle
Price: $34.99

Total so far: $1298.43

- ViewSonic VX922 19" LCD
Price: $395.99
Note: Two articles I found interesting

Grand Total: $1694.42 - Exactly under my upper budget of $1700.00

I do not plan to OverClock this computer until it becomes sluggish or slow. I have been down many roads, and I do not think overclocking a new system is practical. Preformance gains are minimal when gaming and running real time tasks. I see OC'ing strictly for Benchmarking or slow computers.

I know this is exactly at the upper end of my budget, however if you feel you have a very important or crucial upgrade/change that will require me to go over my budget. Feel free to let me know. I have plenty of money, I just wanted to make a personal budget.

Thanks ahead of time.


[H]F Junkie
Jul 13, 2005
You know, a 6800 GS starts with 16 pipelines. . .

Going to overclock your shit? That's OC-happy RAM and an OC-happy (ish) board. You don't have an OC-happy heatsink. If you aren't going to OC, cut back on the memory and board costs. Get a cheap SLI board, you can toss in another 6800 GS when you feel it neccessary, or with the money you save get a 7800 GT.


Mar 13, 2004
Looks solid to me, I might consider going with a GeForce 6800GT over the x800. I found my 6800GT performed much better.

Edit--- Also that MoBo looks like its SLI capabale, it wouldn't make sense to get an ATI card for a SLI board. Get a 6800 series card and later you can grab another one when the price drops and have SLI.
Apr 9, 2003
if you're going next year, why worry now? stay somewhat in the loop and build during the summer.

besides that, why the benq drive? lite on and nec make some quality drives.


Limp Gawd
Sep 21, 2005
In reply to the posts above:
I was thinking of just getting this, and going over the budget.
Those things are monsters.

As far as why build it now? Because I want a computer I can game on while I finish up my senior year in HS.

I will not be Overclocking the PC until it becomes seriously low end. I find the preformance you gain out of having a new PC OC'ed is just very minimal. Its hard to notice a real time difference unless your benchmarking or something along those lines.