Building a multisite ESXi setup

The Spyder

Jun 18, 2002
One of my upcoming projects is to link our two offices together and provide a fall over for my VM hosts/SAN. I currently have two ESXi 4.1 boxes, identical and fairly powerful for what I need. (14 VM's per box, 128gb ram, Dual Quad 3.0). I want to move to 5 and take down my second host (mainly unused) and upgrade it. Next I want to purchase vCenter Essentials, and move everything to my second host so I can upgrade my primary host. After this is done, I would then move one of the boxes to our second location.

My SAN's are ZFS custom boxes and setup for replication. Keeping this in mind, has anyone had a setup like this before? I would have matching hardware at each end, in both the ESXi host and a matching 24tb SAN. The switch gear, load balances, and redundant internet connections are the same. Both locations have 1) 100Mb Metro-E, 2) A 50Mb Comcast Business Internet account, and 3) 1 Qwest DSL account.

Will I have enough bandwidth? We do not make large file changes on this SAN. It is mainly for the VM's and business stuff. We have a mirrored large 300tb NAS for that.
Will vCenter play nicely with a setup like this? I realize bandwidth will suck a bit, but it would be better then nothing?
Should I purchase a third host, leave 2 at the main site and use the 3rd as a disaster recovery, and just replicate the SAN? I have hardware DNS/DHCP/AD at each location now.

So much to do!


[H]F Junkie
Mar 16, 2001
You can do it manually like that...or Site Recovery Manager will automate it and give you replication between the vSphere hosts.