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Feb 11, 2008
Looking for some help with the aesthetics of my next build. My main goal here is something that's minimalistic with the lack of RGB. Form over function is fine with me. My last build(2 PCs in one case) was a bit of a nightmare to deal with and was bigger than I needed(Lian Li D600 that I modified to hold a second PC/Server) There will be no RGB, but I may choose to do some ambient lighting to highlight the inside. Might do a mobo and CPU upgrade by the time I get this together, but shouldn't change the overall aesthetic.

  • Fractal Meshify 2 in Grey
  • Intel 9700K
  • ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming
  • 4 x CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 32GB total
  • EVGA XC3 3080ti
  • Alphacool 360mm X-Flow rad up top
  • HWLabs 280mm front rad(will be replaced with an Alphacool 280mm X-Flow when I can get my hands on one with updated logos)
  • Heatkiller 200mm Tube with a D5 pump
Here's the shots of the three tubing layouts I am looking at. Mobo and RAM are in there for fitment reasons, not the final pieces.

Option #1: Very minimalistic with the tubing, hiding it wherever I can and will likely be a bit more of a challenge to pull off. Tubing for the GPU will run behind it and below the midplate to then go into the in of the Heatkiller 200 with D5 inlet.


Option #2 is a bit more traditional, but will still keep the tubing to a minimum. Have not drilled the holes yet and I will be making a cover for the midplate to close up all the holes.

Option #3: Slid the bottom tube back a little to have it line up with the tube coming from the CPU block in the back of the GPU.


Limp Gawd
Mar 26, 2020
minimalist build IMO #1. Looks nice and clean, if you're doing black tubing it makes more sense to me than exposed. Otherwise #2 because I like the smooth 90 versus the tighter bend of #3