Bugcheck - BSOD


Limp Gawd
Sep 29, 2006
Asus P5Be
E6600 cpu
2x1 GB Corsair twin2x PC2-6400C4
2x2 GB Adata DQVE1B16 PC2-6400
voltages set to auto
PCI Express freq locked at 100
PCI clock sync mode at 33.33MHz.

Sometimes I just hate upgrading the system. After a HD crash necessitating a new HD, I elected to install a SSD for my OS/programs drive. Of course I had to reinstall Win7/64 and I decided to update the BIOS and chipset too.

Now I'm experiencing random BSODs due to bugcheck errors.

Where should I start to troubleshoot this?
Revert the BIOS to the earlier version? (can I move the BIOS version back with Asus's <alt>F2 easyflash?)

For the chipset update, I went to Intel's site and got the latest for the P965 chipset (for Win7/64).
On the Asus P5B-E site, the chipset was still an earlier version, for Vista/64 (my old chipset version).

Could either the BIOS or the chipset update be causing my bugcheck error?

I'm not sure what to try first to debug this. The BSODs can happen anywhere from a few minutes apart to hours apart. No pattern that I can tell.
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