Browser wont play sound


Feb 26, 2010
I got 2 speakers connected to my reciver and my motherboards green sound port and it works 100 %
And i also have a headset that use for gaming when its night in the weekends for late night gaming and neighbors not complaining.

If i plug in my headset in the secondary headset port that i have on my case front.
Then windows automatic change the sound output to my headset where i hear music and sound from games or winamp or any other media player.
But when i want to listen to youtube, then there is no sound from my headset.

If i install the headset in to the green sound port on the motherboards back panel, then i can hear sound from youtube using firefox just fine.
I tryed to switch the headset back to the front port again and opened youtube in MS Edge and there was sound in the headset.

So why wont firefox play sound thru my headset using the secondary front sound port in my case, when every other sound playing source like games and media player and edge works ?
It use to work fine but recently im getting this problem..i tryed to reinstall and update my sound drivers and all my volumes are maxed up. So its not cuz firefox volume bar is muted or anything.

How can i make firefox switch and use my headset like MS edge can, when i plug in the headset in the front panel port ?

When i put in my headset in the front panel sound port while youtube is running a video, then i can hear the sound for 2-3 seconds and then it becomes lower and lower and disapears !
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Windows 11 has a bunch of update toggles for switching sound configs in the system tray if you ever wanted to upgrade.