Bridge Fios Router


Nov 6, 2012
Hello everyone!

Have a few thoughts and would love to get some input if other people have done it personally and see how their setup was.
Prelude: Currently have Verizon Fios and have had internet up until two weeks ago where I also added TV (increased Internet and got TV HD setup for $30 more a month) I currently have my Actiontec bridge just using it for MOCA. However my TV will currently not work. Also something weird, I cannot access my Actiontec at all even directly wired into the LAN ports but internet is getting to the router. I set this up well over a year ago and don’t remember the settings I put on the Actiontec

Currently have it setup with ONT>Actiontec>WAN port>RouterLAN port 1

I have to re-do the bridge in the router to get the TV working and take down my network in which I would like to minimize down time as I have several machines running 24/7 for mining and file servers.

I am thinking something similar to what I have done above with the bridge however without the original settings on the Actiontec (since I cannot access it) I will have to hit the reset button and start anew.

I have several instructions on how to bridge it and setup, I am looking to see what people have done that has worked well or any pitfalls I may hit as I did this quite a while ago.


Dec 3, 2005
For my network I connect the FIOS ONT directly my DLink router WAN port with Cat5. My actiontec router serves only as a MOCA bridge and is connected to the LAN via a switch and also to the coax so that it can connect to the set-top-boxes.

This is known as the LAN-to-LAN configuration (configuration #7) outlined at Verizon FIOS Networking FAQ.