Jul 25, 2008
This game has been in early access for 2 years, but I've only just stumbled across it during a Steam Sale. I searched and could not find any threads dedicated to it, so here we are.

Breathedge is a comedic attempt at an Open World Survival game in Space by Russian Developer RedRuin. It is their first release and uses the Unreal Engine. Many have compared it to Subnautica, though I'd argue this is much deeper and more polished.

It sounds as if there are 6 Chapters and is strongly Story Driven. I found the first chapter to be very tedious, but am thoroughly enjoying chapter 2.

I plan to camp here for a long while and explore as it sounds like the later chapters change up the formula quite a bit.

Hopefully, it is not as bothersome to me as it was SkillUp. Steam reviews are largely positive, so check it out and let's talk about it.