Bose Connect App Data Collection Causing Class-Action Lawsuit

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    Typically when using a set of headphones, a consumer tends to listen to their music or multimedia. If you ask Illinois resident Kyle Zak and his representation, Bose has been “listening” to customers of their headphones and Bose Connect mobile app via data collection and distribution. Users are encouraged to provide personal information such as name, an e-mail address, and Bose headphone serial number in a collection process. Said data is then sent to collection platforms – is specifically named – which provides disregard for “consumer privacy rights” according to the suit.

    Audio choices offer "an incredible amount of insight" into customers' personalities, behavior, politics and religious views, citing as an example that a person who listens to Muslim prayers might "very likely" be a Muslim, the complaint said.

    The lawsuit is seeking millions of dollars in damages, all pertaining to purchasers of multiple models: SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, SoundLink Color II, SoundSport Wireless, SoundSport Pulse Wireless, QuietControl 30, and QuietComfort 35. Bose has yet to comment regarding the matter.
  2. It is "encouraged" people register that information, I just downloaded the app, you don't have to do anything to install or use it. I also took about 30 seconds to find in the EULA the privacy section and read that it sends information to Bose servers that might be managed by Bose AND third parties along with the kind of information gathered. So either yet another person who doesn't read, or someone after a money grab because they over paid for Bose headphones.
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    So when do we get to sue google?
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    I've got a pair of the QC35's where's my money?
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    It is sad that this is the norm now a days. All to collect info from you without your consent and sell that info to companies. And also the sad part is we cant do jack shit about it.
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  6. You agreed to the TOS, stop with this "without my consent" BS already. It seems people care SO much about their privacy....Unless it requires them to read.
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    From TFA, one of the complaints is they were not shown the TOS or Privacy agreements during the installation process. if so, they might have a good case. Chances are, they just clicked the accept boxes like the well trained rodents most of us have become when presented a dialog box, and it never registered with them what they had done or agreed to.

    These after the money has changed hands accept or it won't work forced agreements are a long neglected area by our Congress critters.
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  10. Tos and contracts don't have to be legally valid even if you signed them in specific instances.

    For example the contract was intentionally vague or misleading about how your information would be used or handled. Or where it was hard to find or possibly written in a series of Latin terms that only a lawyer would understand. Or if you were coerced because you didn't have an option.
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    And bose is now on my blacklist.. probably not doing much good... but meh
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    You know honestly I think there should be regulations on how TOS are presented. Ever wonder why every TOS/EULA aggreement is restricted to a window frame the size of a postage stamp that can be resized, with huge walls of text in all caps and no reasonable ability to extrapolate information from it for study? They are trying to make it as inconvenient as possible to review precisely so that you just click "accept" to get it over with.

    When you pay money for an operating system or complex piece of hardware you recognize the fact that you are joining an environment to use it. While thats not some carte blache aggreement to monitor everything you do, it is not unreasonable to assume such a sophisticated system may have some monitors in place. Nobody is "shocked" to find out the OS you use collects telemetry upon how you use it. But a pair of fucking headphones? Give me a fucking break. There is no reasonable expectation to a simplistic piece of hardware meant for one single purpose would go so far as to try and embed itself in your life and monitor everything you do. Thats like buying a webcam only to find out it runs 24/7 recording you, and then being put in your place when you become outraged because "hurr durr what'd you expect?". No sorry it doesnt work that way. We tolerate OS level spying because for starters we've gotten used to it so it's not something completely out of left field.
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    BOSE: Buy Other Speakers Elsewhere
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    Bose noise canceling is pretty much top notch though.
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    They were, but the new Sony 1000X's have much better sound quality and the Noise Cancellation is Bose level.
  16. This information is voluntary, you do NOT have to register to use the app, which is also not required to use the headphones, all Google Play installs list access requirements on install and TOS etc in the app. Bose even has the privacy policy in its own page so it is easy to find and in very clear detail on what they collect and who it is sent to.

    They have it listed in detail in the TOS and they have a separate page with the privacy policy from the TOS listed so you don't even have to read through the TOS to get to it. It is plain English and very detailed on everything they do. Should they be required to hold everyone's hand and do a read along so they understand? This is why we can't have nice things.
  17. But do they clearly state your personal information may be sold to third parties and the content of this information CANNOT be guaranteed to NOT contain sensitive information? That's what I mean by clearly stating the implications.

    A lot of companies claim the data is anonymous. But this has been shown time and time and time again how this information can be cross correlated with cookie data to specifically identify a person and his habits. If people truly knew how much data was collected on you, they would have a drop a brick.

    A while back I posted a facebook link to show you what facebook thinks about you, including your political affiliations, hobbies, shopping patterns etc. The amount of data the collect is amazing. Luckily I have nothing to hide there. Could a potential employer use that information to determine if I should be hired? He may be a single democrat and athiest. I may be a republican, with a family and religious. And he may not like that. Even data like this is classified "protected class" proving discrimination is hard unless you catch them red handed doing it.

    I don't want a scam artist &| hacker (ie NK) to know that I personally have X Y Z accounts at banks A, B, C.
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    Why would anyone think of looking there for fear of their data being collected through a frickin' headphone product to begin with? That's some grade A cheesy James Bond shit right there.

    I guess there's a first time for everything.
  19. well yes, but did you know you can learn someone's likely political leanings by where they eat, what music they listen to, and how often and when they listen to it? Does someone really need to know this?
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    Why would anyone think of installing an app to use a headphone product to begin with? There are plenty of "dumb" headphones that have no app connectivity, work just fine, and can't send data anywhere other than into your ears.

    As far as people needing to know political leanings, how often they eat, etc. no... no one "needs" to know that, but there are people willing to pay to know it.
  21. The data is not sold. He is crying because it was sent to a third party, who manages the data and servers for Bose, even the specific third party mentioned in the law suit can be seen and states that is exactly what they do, they collect and manage data for companies for use with analytical, help desks, notifications etc etc, in other words for them to be able to see the kind of music people listen to, which has a big impact in how you want to tune your designs, to bugs and reporting to help desk use. As the data is anonymous, the only information that isn't is if you choose to register your headphones, which is more information that is managed by a 3rd party but is NOT SOLD. Does he want to force companies to manage all servers and data in house and not be able to use 3rd party for this? Which is ungodly common even for some of the larger companies. The details of the lawsuit as it stands now is just ridiculous.
  22. Well the way to settle this is to download the app on android/iOS and see what permissions it ask for? Does it demand access to my photos? camera? mic? contacts list?
  23. Interesting as I just tried it an it's only asking for bluetooth services now and doesn't even ask for network access. The app update was very recently applied. Yet some people are complaining that is requires them to turn on location services?

    I wonder what the old versions did. Looks like somebody is hiding something.
  24. They are not hiding anything, you have to open the app for the location services. It is a requirement for using the BT location/beacon (BLE), they DO NOT USE GPS, however you have to turn on location services for the app as it uses BT for beacon etc. good God does no one read anymore? They state on the first screen when this comes up that GPS is NOT used and they do not track or store any location data.
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    A way to send Industry a message .... since we don't have a functional government ... would be for a few million Americans to go down, BUY the product, then return it a half-hour later for full refund, stating 'I don't agree with the EULA terms'. Now the company has a million+ units of used crap to process for 're-manufacturing'. Eventually they'll stop the bullshit, or go broke.

    Never been impressed by Bose, going all the way back to the 1970's.