BlackBerry Taking Legal Action Product Leakers

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Dec 31, 1969
Honestly, you'd think BlackBerry would be happy that anyone even wants to hear about their products anymore.

This is why I want to make you aware that, right now, we are pursuing legal action against a party who stole confidential information about a future BlackBerry product and made that information public. This person falsely posed as an employee of one of our carrier partners to obtain access to secured networks.
never even heard about the leak, pretty sad...
Probably "leaked" it themselves for the publicity, since no one would otherwise care.
<- current regretable Blackberry 9900 user
You'd think know...the idiots left who are employed by BlackBerry would check someone's credentials/identity before giving them access to their "secured networks". I mean really....the story here is less about "product leakers" and more about the piss-poor shoddy security protocol on BlackBerry's part.
I was just in a store helping my poor old mum get a new phone when I noticed all three of the Blackberry display models had broken charger sockets. They weren't any older than the other phones, but they were certainly more broken.

It's dead, Jim.
Blackberry is dead. No one even knew about this leak or any other leaks until HardOCP posted this story. Blackberry < Android.
Blackberry got left in the dust by android and ios that no one even cared about this leak. I be this wasn't even on page 5 of news sites.
My company's been jumping off the Blackberry ship for a little while now. Then they came out with their own phone based on Android sporting a lot of the same features BB did. :) Plus a little while ago, they started distributing either the Blackberry Z10 or Samsung S3/S4 (S4 came out a couple months later when the program started) and a lot of people went the Android route. A guy in my building opted out for the Z10 and he's been complaining about it ever since (He's stuck on that phone for 18 months total). I myself got the Galaxy S3 (which I was an early adopter so S4 wasn't available yet) and haven't complained much about it. I did have the BB 9900 and goddamn it was a piece of crap because I couldn't stand the fixed QWERTY keyboard. If it was a slider QWERTY keyboard like the LG Quantum, I would have been fine. Lucky for me, I had an excuse to get out of the BB 9900 contract to get the S3 when I first got wind of it.
They just don't want people to know that their next gen phones will still be hunks of shit.
Blackberry should release a dual-boot phone, with Android and BB10 on it. I'm not sure why you all just want OS to rule them all.
I haven't used a Q or Z yet. I really like the 9930 that work gives out though and I've seriously thought about getting my own, but since cell service is just another way for people to interrupt me when I'm trying to read a book, I just can't make up an excuse to get one. If I did, I'd want to play with the Q10 first to see what it's like. Personally, I think Androids are just a really big window into your personal life that Google and affiliated companies use to lurk and put more pieces of data together to associate you with GPS locations, apps, txt message contents, numbers you call, and the sorts of sites you visit from your phone and then tie that all together with stuff they get out of Gmail, Youtube, Chrome, and web-based Flash ads. That's a little to much for any company to have. So if current Blackberries are lame, I'd go get a J2ME phone and use cash to buy it and all the time cards too.
BB: If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em. Hey, now they're copying Apple's motto!
Leaked data that does nothing because clearly there are massive amounts of people wanting to jump on the blackberry bomb.