Black Screen at Start


Jul 30, 2005
Hello, I seem to have a problem with windows as it starts up it will get to the desktop, load the icons, and start bar, and then suddenly go black for a few seconds and then proceed as normal. I'm not sure I've noticed it before, and it get's to be quite annoying, as I've never seen it do it before. I have no unusual programs booting up at start up. I think it may be the ATI drivers, but I'm not sure.

Also, sometimes after I let my computer sit after a while, and wake it up, it will just shut itself down, and that REALLY pisses me off. I checked to see if i had it setup to turn my harddrive off after idle, but no, nothing is set to turn off after idle.

Hopefully someone can help me with this, and if anything sounds too vague, please ask me for more information, thanks guys.


[H]ardForum Junkie
Jul 19, 2000
It is the Ati drivers.. They blanc the screen for a second right after boot.. I think it started with the .net catalyst control center versions of the drivers...
Your second problem, I am not sure about.. I don't think it is the Ati drivers doing that..