BioWare asks, "Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?"

I'd like to say yes, but with EA behind this... ugh... Tough call.
Only on PC

But that goes without saying for anything except gran turismo.
I don't trust Bioware to make a good tactics game. Hell they can barely make a tolerable RPG for us old timers.
So basically a battle for middle earth but with dragon age?
I'm down.
Never saw the appeal of the real time combat that darklands, baldur's gate, pillars of eternity, or dragon age used. In every instance i thought turn based would have been a better system.
If it were along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics or Shining Force - absolutely. If we're talking anything that ends in "craft," then no.
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$10 this would turn more into a MOBA than anything else. Or perhaps a medieval-themed competitive shooter ala PvZ 2: Garden Warfare.