Bios help?


Jul 20, 2016
I have an older rig, the Mobo is an M5A99FX 2.0
8 Gb DDR3 memory
AMD Radeon R9 270 GPU
AMD 8320 CPU
Windows 10 Home Pro OS
I am trying to update Bios, I used the Mobos disk and tried through AI Suite, which said "check internet connection, no internet-connection discovered.
I have also tried the USB Bios flashback and that didn't work, said unknown Bios support or no new Bios detected on USB.
So currently my Bios is at 1305 and I would like to update it to 2501 but cannot, any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

The reason I want to do this is to see if this stops the freezes of my system, I at times if I go into Netflix the computer will just freeze up, cannot move the mouse and control, alt, delete doesn't even work, so I have to reset from the case. This does this once a day.
Any suggestions, I did uninstall the AI suite, and a few other programs I downloaded to see if they might have been causing the issue, cause it started right after I installed the AI suite.
Thanks for any suggestions


Extremely [H]
Oct 7, 2000
download the file and extract it. knock off everything in the file name except "2501.cap". reformat a usb to fat32 and copy the file to it. reboot and go into the bios flash section, insert usb and see if its recognised.