Bios flash via usb cell phone?


Limp Gawd
Feb 1, 2012
I just ordered an fx 4100 and an asrock 870fx deluxe4 and the latest reviews on newegg state that their mobo didn't have the newest BIOS to run bulldozer chips. As I do not have another am3 socket CPU to flash with I was wondering if I could flash the BIOS from my droid. The asrock site says the board will search hdds floppy and USB for BIOS. Maybe it'll work? Really don't want to have to buy and install another CPU just to get my new one running. Seems kinda ridiculous as these chips have been out a good 5 months and there's still no support on mobos that have am3+ sockets.
Most likely not unless you can figure out how to make your droid appear as a regular USB drive.

Flashing from a regular USB drive would be possible. Just because you have an FX chip doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to atleast boot the board with it in and flash to get full support. You should atleast be able to boot if it is indeed an AM3+ socket and not a regular AM3 socket.