Big issues with new build need help

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by zhabn, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. zhabn

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    Jul 29, 2018
    hi guys . I’ve build my first pc gamin here is the config :

    I5 8500
    Aorus b360 gaming WiFi
    Corsair16 go
    Cryorig m9i
    Cruxial mx500
    Barracuda 2tb
    Gigabyte gtx 1080ti

    Seasonic focus 650 gold
    Fractal design r6
    ASUs rogstrig xg35vq

    It’s been amazing for a few days . Did some benchmarks everything in the green , run some stress test everything good ... until I start installing games . I can instal , I can play 5 min max graphismes ... but after that , crash on:

    WOW: critical error : “error132 the instruction at xxxxxx referenced memories : the memories could not be read .”

    Destiny 2 max graphismes ok for 5 min then crash again :”the execution of graphismes has detected a missing part or a fail “

    Fortnite : could go into the game, then jump from the bus and crash : “fatal error “.
    As you understand I’m a bit frustrated as the computer cost me 2500£ with monitors etc .

    What I did to try to find the probleme :
    -reduce graphic to low on each games , still crashing even if the game hold longer , it does crash after 15 min instead of 3 .
    -Reinstall drivers gpu and made sure i had the latest version of it

    -Checked all temperatures during games and never reach higher than 60 degrés

    -Took the gpu out to make sur it was well plugged in , same with the rams same with the power supply .
    -ive run occt to see if theire was any trouble , and cpu ok stable
    gpu ok stable
    rams ok stable
    psu the test run for 13 minutes with frequent frezze every 5-10 sec but it was planned to run for 20 min and it crashed at 13...

    so then ive been adviced to use DDU to remove the drivers ive installed and reinstal them ,wich im on the process now but im anable to start my computer on safe mode and I’m no noob or what I know where the safe mode is and where to boot for that it’s just not there ... looks like this part of windows is missing so when i go to settings /update and security/recovery/ restart for advanced settings, then going on this blue screen then repare , settings and clic on the item that should propose me safe mode , windows ask me for my log in wich i do then theire is a loading session for 5 sec and windows tells me that it cannot repair my computer ...............

    I’m running out of ideas I might think it’s the power supply wich is faulty and don’t give enough power ? What do you think guys I need you .

    just saying that appart of that the computer is very fast and silent and cold . even in games where the fans accelerate a little bit but stay arround 50 degres everywhere .its weird to be able to play full power for 5 minute on any game but crash everytime .....
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    Nov 9, 2013
    Actually, I believe this has to do with current Windows 10 and current Geforce Drivers. I would recommend going back to older Geforce drivers recommended on the Geforce board. I believe I'm on 388 or so at the moment and it works just great.
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    Oct 7, 2000
    theres that^ and there is a fix(wow forums) that says to update the bios and make sure c1e is off in bios.