[Beta] Diskovery: data storage inspection tool


Jan 14, 2016
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some honest feedback about our new project.

Just a quick intro, I'm Alex from Pipemetrics, a little startup in Switzerland making high quality software for Windows.

We just put out a beta for our latest project Diskovery, a data storage inspection tool for Windows. We built it as sort of a sister app to our main app Bvckup 2, since we think knowing about the health and status of your drives is just as important as the data on them.


So what can I tell you about it:

  1. Diskovery does a decent job talking to directly accessible drives, including those in USB enclosures.

  2. It can look into RAID arrays, but this is strictly a per-vendor affair, so the app currently supports just the CSMI-capable controllers and HPSA cards (SmartArrays). MegaRAID and PERC support is coming up.

  3. The app detects both maximum and effective USB drive connection type. That is, it can point out USB3 drives plugged into USB2 ports (screenshot).

  4. The app talks to the Virtual Disk Service, so it displays the type, health and status of so-called dynamic volumes. You know, the Windows Software RAID contraptions (screenshot).

  5. It also understands sub-partition slicing - that is when a single partition is being used to host two or more volumes.

  6. It has a nice UI, but that's obviously subjective and some are bound to disagree. However, it is the only app of its kind that actually bothers to show which physical drives are attached to which RAID volumes.

  7. Fits on a floppy, 225KB in size at the moment. Single exe with no external dependencies and no bloat.
What else... built-in update checks, built-in scan log submission, auto-refresh on both device arrival/departure and on volume mounting/dismounting.

Originally, this used to be a test runner for the SMART module for Bvckup 2. That was in November of last year. As our developer was tweaking and growing it, it started to shape into something more useful, so he ended up spinning it off into a separate program. There are no plans to turn this into a paid product though, so it will remain free even after it leaves beta.

So that's it, everything you wanted to know about your storage (and perhaps even more!). We're interested in any and all opinions about the app, from design to functionality and everything in between.


Oh and here's a screenshot of the UI in case you want to see: