Best Web Browser for iMac G3 w/ OS X 10.3.9


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
I'm looking to refurbish an old iMac G3 as a fun side project. It was inherited from a grandparent, and the last time I did anything with it was probably 13-14 years ago. At the time, I upgraded it from OS 9 to OS X, and I believe it's already running the latest supported version which is 10.3.9. It's been in storage ever since.

I'm trying to figure out what minor novelty tasks this computer might actually still be able to perform. For anything web based, browser compatibility will be a big factor. I don't recall which browser(s) are already installed on there. My most optimistic goal would be to get a browser working on there that is new enough to handle something like streaming Pandora radio.


Mar 22, 2003
You might want to try Classilla — it's meant for MacOS 9 but will run in OS X 10.3.

With that said, OS X Panther should include Safari (albeit an old version of it) and might still have Internet Explorer hanging around. You might not need Classilla at all.