Best solution for sub 200


Feb 12, 2017
Currently own a Senheisser Game Zero. Had a sound blaster z for the longest time but it finally gave out.

I've owned a Z270 Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 which has the creative tie in for on board sound so it worked out okay, but I'm swapping boards to the z270 msi xpower titanium. It's on-board sound is a realtek 1220.

I've previously tried the senheisser gsx 1000 with the above headset and the microphone from the headset wasn't what it was with the sound blaster Z. Also anyone speaking to me through voice applications sounded very distant because of the faked 7.1 surround. It was too expensive for an appliance to not work perfectly.

I've read about the sound blaster e5 as an option, but apparently it can brick when the battery in the unit dies. There are plenty of negative reviews about the sound blasterx g6 as well on amazon.

I obviously want to pair my nice headset with a nice sound solution. From my google foo, I've looked at the FiiO k3, sound blasterx g6, or just leaving it be and using onboard. I do have a set of speakers that are rarely used, but I don't want to invest money into a different mic when the boom mic on the headset is perfectly capable. I'm not a streamer so just looking for comms to be good with my buddies on discord while still having excellent audio from the game.

Looking for opinions and recommendations! Mainly play The division, league of legends, listen to music. Occasionally watch a show or two.