Best socket 775 overclocking board DDR1???


Jul 10, 2005
I have a ASUS P5GD1 for my P4 550. I want to know what is the best overclocking board out there that uses DDR1. I have the 2GB kit of Crucial Ballistix Tracers that I want to use. Is there a better board? Thanks for everyones help.
I should of said I need PCI-E. I have a EVGA 7800GTX. That board is AGP. Thanks for trying. I was looking at the ABIT AG8. Looks like a good board for overclocking.
Those boards are all DDR2 chipsets, while i'm not sure which one is the best overclocking, i'm pretty sure you are going to need an intel 915 chipset to use your memory and videocard. The board you have should be fine imo.
Thanks for all the info but I need a board with DDR1. I think I will try to make my ASUS work. If not I am going AMD FX or X2.