Best slideshow software


Jul 24, 2005
Its for my gf. She told me to research this a while ago but i totally forgot and shes asking now. I need the best and hopefully user friendly slideshow software. Whether it be free or you have to pay for it.

Thanks guys!

If it matters shes going to be making a slideshow of her grandpa that passed away almost two years ago. This slideshow will be sent to many different relatives for her grandpa's two year "anniversary" of death.


Mar 26, 2008
Yeah, MS PowerPoint is the most standard and probably the easiest, depending on how complicated she wants to make the slideshow. From PPT, you can also publish non-editable PPS file that just plays the slideshow without opening PowerPoint. Your viewers may need PPT installed for this to work, though; so maybe publishing to PDF is better - I haven't tried it.

OpenOffice Impress is an open-source app that's fairly similar to PPT, if you want something for free.

There are several other higher-grade apps that would work: Adobe Lightroom has a slide-show builder in it that I think publishes as a Projector EXE file, so your viewers don't have to install anything at all to view the presentation.

If it were me, I'd build it in Flash, since that's what I use all the time. Has pretty much limitless options when it comes to making something as simple as a slide-show, and it can publish to the aforementioned Projector EXE file. It has a very steep learning curve, though, so I wouldn't recommend getting it just for this project.


Limp Gawd
Feb 24, 2008
Photo slideshow to play wherever? Need music?

I'd say your best bet is to use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. You make it a video & then the transitions always are exactly like you wanted them, unlike PowerPoint.

The best ever to me is a program called MediaShout, but it's WAY overkill for photo slideshows. I use it for media playback @ church.