Best RPG Android Game?


Apr 15, 2002
What's the best RPG Android Game out there? Preferably one that downloads fully to the device and isn't loading every 30 seconds (FF offering is what I'm referring to here).

Basic, good story, nothing super taxing on graphics etc. I'm working off of a $125 Motorola G4, not an $800 Samsung so keep in mind the horsepower available.

KOTOR, free through the Amazon Underground app. one time download of about 2gbs, pretty much straight port.
No idea about paid games, but free one's without ads I'd recommend NetHack, UnNetHack, and Sprouted Pixel Dungeon. Depending on what you like you might love it, or hate it.
Baldur’s Gate I and II
Baldur’s Gate I and II for Android are RPG games that were ported from the original PC versions. They are both very long games with dramatic story lines and they both provide some of the most pure RPG experiences that we’ve seen on mobile. That said, this is definitely not for the casual gamer because these games are quite complex in terms of mechanics and story so this is not one you’ll want to play for a few minutes then put down. Each game has in-app purchases, but it’s for in-game content like voice packs that don’t really matter. We also recommend you pay this on larger screens. Otherwise your controls get a little cramped.
Something a bit on the non-traditional side: The Bard's Tale
Very worth a play if you haven't played it yet. (there is a PC version for those that want to play it there)
am I allowed to suggest snes 9x ex+ that will get some of the best classic rpgs

Good answer, I played through A link to the past with and it was awesome. Graphics smoothing and a comfortable controller that worked a+. It was the best gaming experience I've had on Android to date. I don't game much though, but it felt like actual gaming, not this mobile ad-supported BS that passes for a game.
theres KOTOR for android? holy shit, thanks for the tip!

i only play psx isos with epsxe, and i love it! tried a few android games but i never really liked any :p
Grab the latest Mobile Humble Bundle, its catered specifically to RPGs this go 'round. Good variety of games with no in-app purchases and nice variety (action RPG, turn based, etc). It includes KOTOR at the highest tier. DRM free, support charity, you know the deal.