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  1. gangolfus

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    Aug 8, 2005
    Money no object, whats the best modem I can get for Comcast? I have a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite and AC-AP-Pro's, so I only need a modem. TIA

    EDIT: Initially will be 100mbit service, but who knows what the future holds. Currently leaning towards SB8200.

    EDIT 2: Will be a new customer, so I don't currently have any equipment. Will likely end up with SB8200 or MB8600.
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  2. The Cobra

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    Jun 19, 2003
    Been using this one for 6 months now with Comcast 1GB service. No issues...only have had to reboot the actual modem twice in that time period. This was a test result from a few mins ago, was done at 820PM. If after 1000 at night, I usually get around 900MB+ down.

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  3. Vengance_01

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    Dec 23, 2001
    Depends on what service you have speed wise. Any docis 3.0 modem with a 16x4 channels. the SB 6183 is solid. Also zoom modems are good with. I use there 16x4 modem with my TWC 100/10mbps
  4. bman212121

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    Aug 18, 2011
    The SB8200 or the MB8600 are probably the best modems you can buy right now. The MB8600 is slightly newer and slightly cheaper, but other than that I really don't know what the difference is. (I don't think there is too much of a difference) I'd probably get an MB8600 if I were choosing but it's basically a toss up.

    The main thing getting a DOCSIS3.1 modem nets you right now is a nice 96mhz wide chunk of bandwidth that few other people are using. But in reality there are so many other channels that are bonded (You'll probably have 24 channels besides the giant D3.1 channel) so it won't make a bit of difference unless you're on the gigabit tier. (Even then probably not) But I'd say definitely getting a 3.1 modem at this point is a good idea if you're buying a new one. If you already have something like an SB6141 or SB6183, getting a new modem isn't going to do anything for you with only 100mbit. Comcast is also rolling out some new deployment strategies for their network (N+0) that will certainly lessen the chance of congestion, so it's even less likely you'd have issues with node saturation than before. Maybe when they finally get around to giving everyone real upload that D3.1 modem will prove it's worth.
  5. BlindedByScience

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    May 26, 2000
    Here's a wrinkle - what's the best DOCSIS modem with an eMTA phone connection...??
  6. sirmonkey1985

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    Sep 13, 2008
    i never could find one that worked with comcasts VOIP phone service at any kind of reasonable price to make it worth not paying the $10/month rental fee.

    as far as the OP goes, i use a Zoom 5345(8x4 3.0), cost me 60 bucks 2 years ago(currently 30 dollars on amazon or 3 months ROI) and works perfectly fine with comcasts 150/5 package, currently getting 175/10. the 16x4 version is 65 dollars on amazon currently if that interests you more.
  7. Solhokuten

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    Dec 9, 2009
    Check out the Netgear DOCSIS 3.1 CM1000.
  8. SamirD

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    Mar 22, 2015
    I know there's a lot of people that will cry about the sb6190 has 'puma' issues, but I have 2 of these modems running 150/25 and 300/30 without issue. And they both even pass the dslreports 'puma' test with flying colors. And because of the 'puma' scare, you can pick these up cheap when people dump them--got one of mine for $50. (y)