Best 4 TB SSD ? SATA or M2 ?

Dec 1, 2011
Agreed. Unless space and power are at some kind of premium (e.g., laptop) or you feel like burning cash, just use a HDD. There's no real performance benefit with a SSD for such usage.

If you really feel like spending cash on storage, consider a small NAS instead.


Oct 29, 2004
Should I get a 4 TB SSD for my data only or is it not worth it ?
Thats totally dependent on your budget and desires. The smart way to go with is SSD for your OS, programs, apps, games and get a mechanical drive to for storage of media like videos, pictures, etc. That said, personally i have moved on from spinners on my main pc, i prefer the quietness of an ssd, im running a 980pro 2TB NVME for os, programs, games and Samsung 860 PRO 4TB sata for storage of media, to many it might be a waste, for me quietness has its price. I still use spinners on my servers that are located outside my hearing range.