benchmarking tool & methods.

Jan 25, 2006
hey all,
need advice or thoughts on benching your machine, tools and how you go about it.
there so much out dated crap on the web that i could really so with some current input.

once i have run a back up, i will bench mark the crap outta my machine and see where the bottlenecks are, at the moment i think, and i stress think, they are my drives. but i want to come back with some numbers before i make another post. sorry if there is another thread dedicated. if you have a good link, hook me up.

sidenote: just to let you know why i posted this.
my drives are giving me crap, my system is very sluggish with next to no cpu or ram stress at all, and when muliple apps are running, argh it's terrible!
i was having major issues with disks during the build and the os transfer, i had to do two builds since the first one was so bad. so far device manger can see all the drives with ultra dma5 enabled. im really out of ideas, but like i said i will come back with numbers first, i hope.

cheers all!


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Jan 8, 2004
If you're having problems in certain areas, you'll also need to programs that can diagnose the problem, like:

Prime95: CPU burn-in/stress test
Memtest86+: RAM diagnosis
Hitachi Drive Fitness Test: HDD diagnosis/troubleshooting (you can also use the software offered by your specific HDD manufacturer)
Speedfan: Measures internal temperatures and enables fan speed adjustment
3DMark: GPU benchmark (can compare frame rates to similar configurations)

All of those programs are available via a Google/Bing search.

You should also check out the troubleshooting sticky at the top of Page 1.
Jan 25, 2006
yeah i saw the sticky tools in general hardware.

* Belarc Advisor (PC analysis)
* CPU-Z (CPU identification/analysis)
* HD Tune (HDD benchmark/analysis)
* Memtest86+ (RAM stress test/troubleshooting)
* Orthos (CPU stress test)
* Prime 95 (CPU stress test)
* SpeedFan (Temperature & motherboard analysis/fan speed adjustment)

curious to know if anyone has nailed down a method involving these.
i know these are tools for certain areas, but i'd like to know what your thoughts are.
what are you comparing them to, old benchmarks?
do you just run one ?
how do you know what's good, what's bad? -result wise.

how would you go about diagnosing a slow pc? (presuming it's not infected)