be quiet! Silent Base 600 Review

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    The be quiet! Silent Base 600 mid-tower ATX chassis is on the test bench today at Overclockers Club. Overall this is a very positive review with the Silent Base 600 earning a gold award. Here's a quote from the review:

    My experience with be quiet! has been with its air coolers, so I am familiar with be quiet!'s reputation for quality and innovation. Now be quiet! has branched out and offers a couple lines of cases. After reviewing this case, it is clear to me that be quiet!'s experience with component design and manufacturing is evident in the Silent Base 600. The style of the case is not too flashy or over-the-top like some gaming cases can be, but it would still be right at home as a gaming case. It would also be equally fine as a work station. The style gets your attention for all the right reasons.
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    My boss needed a computer built for recording audio tracks for our online classes and based upon the HardOCP review this past march of the be quiet silent Base 800 we purchased and built a computer around be quiet hardware. Very high quality stuff that is scary quiet...
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    is the front brushed Aluminum or plastic?