BDC, Exchange and IIS Re-install


[H]F Junkie
Jul 13, 2005
I've had some issues with our web and email server eating dicks like Japanese mouth spirit in a Hayao Miyazake flick, like these, and I'd like to explore our options about a clean install. Cbeyond still has to deal with the occasional bout of spam from this machine (can't realistically be another, it's all coming from the one dedicated IP) and I've gotten to the point where I know trying to solve the problem is essentially starting to be more costly than a fresh install. And because Winter Break is around the corner, I'm going to have the opportunity to bust it down lovely with the zigga ziggaz, yo (hip-hop is everywhere, live with it).

But the machine is also our friendly web server, and a BDC (I'd have preffered it not to be for precisely this reason; now that it's firmly entrenched in the domain controlling and fucked up, it's that much harder to re-deploy).

So first step: where do I look for information on removing the role of backup domain controller from a Server 2003 environment? Can this be done before the machine is rebuilt (read: will this cock up the Exchange portion of the works) or should I wait and cram it all in the ten day break, forsaking all familial responsibilities? Can it really be as simple as turning off domain functions and removing the DNS entries pointing to the BDC?

Questions about the second and third steps of rolling up the website (MySQL-driven, which is where I'm particularly unexperienced) and Exchange to follow (and because I can look at the scant few megs of email, it may not merit a backup; just a nuking).



Mar 10, 2005
very briefly:

-install iis on a new server and transfer all the web pages there
-install a new exchange server in the same organization and move all the mailboxes to it
remove old exchange server (not as easy as it sounds, use the MS KB for help or buy a book)
-transfer all the "roles" like global catalog and the other FSMO roles like infra master to other domain controller(s) (again, buy a book or use the KB)
-run dcpromo and demote the server
-run dcpromo again and xfer roles back to the "new" DC
-install IIS and exchange
-party on...

that should take a couple weeks at least taking in to account scheduled outages, notification, backups, etc...