Battlefield V 5 PC $47.49 CDKEYS


Limp Gawd
Oct 22, 2018
Just wanted to pass on that CDKEYS is having their Cyber Monday sale with up to 80% off some items.
One of interest and the lowest price for this title is
Battlefield V 5 PC for $47.49 (-28%)

You will have to still download from Origin:
  1. Download and install the Origin client on your PC (, then sign up and log in.
  2. Locate your Origin key in your confirmation email, and copy it to your clipboard by pressing “Ctrl+C”.
  3. Open the Origin client, click on the “My Account” section, and then the “Redeem Product Code” tab.
  4. Paste the key from your clipboard by pressing “Ctrl+V”, click “Next” to confirm and the game will now be added to your library.
  5. Your new game is now activated and ready to download. Once downloaded it will be ready to play!