Bad thing


Limp Gawd
Oct 11, 2007
How bad is it to have the CPU HS/F close to the PSU?

I am using a SUGO SG02 case.
Right now I use an intel Mobo/CPU but i'd rather use an amd mobo/cpu as it's better.
But it sits damn near close to the PSU...but only half of it, the other half is clear of the PSU.

Input? I'd rather keep the hs/f on it, or just not worry about it.
Not really understanding your question or direction. I think the CPU and psu being close won't matter at all. As long as psu isn't blowing heat on your CPU.???
With those small cube cases it's almost impossible not to have the HSF close to the PSU. As long as it's not interfering with the fan it should be okay.
Alright, so far it's running fine. I m not use to the AMD HS so sometimes it blows like a jet engine. Most of the time though it just stays in one mode.

The temps are incredible on it however. So I won't worry about it.

And sorry for not really making much sence out of my post. :(