Bad decision?


Oct 1, 2003
Ok I've been looking for a new TV for basicly my Gamecube\DVD player, and I decided that the Zenith 32" HD-ready was the best TV I could possibly get under 1000 in that size. I placed an order on Best and it will arrive on the 28th of Jan. Now I am getting this as a really big gift and I want to get the most future-proof TV as I will probably still have this when I am done with college in 2009.

Now I got into thinking, if my parents ever do opt for digital cable with HDTV service, will the lack of 720p really screw me over as all 32"s in the price range only seem to support 480p and 1080i? For example if a station does a broadcast in 720p will I be stuck with just cable-quality TV or will it downmix to 480p leaving me alright?

If someone happens to know a really nice 32" CRT direct view TV with 480p AND 720p let me know and I might cancel my order.

EDIT: I found a $1200 32" toshiba, which supports 720p, but I think it does 1080i when in 16:9. Anyone got something better or should I just stick to what I got?