Backup software for programs/settings/registry


Oct 12, 2008
I have backup software I've been using for my data. I also see plenty of options for backing up entire partitions. But I am specifically looking for backup software for the purpose of backing up the programs I've installed, including their registry settings and other files created by the programs.

I am doing a minor repartition of my boot drive and I will be doing a clean install of Windows 7 x64. The Windows version and all hardware will be unchanged, so there aren't any "curve balls" being thrown at the backup/restore -- I know many years ago I had software that could do this sort of thing but I haven't had to do it since then, and it seems all the backup software I see is not for simply backing up a set of installed programs -- they're all system images or just data backup.

This is a one-time use -- I want to install the backup software, make the backup, nuke the boot drive, clean install Windows, reinstall the backup software, and restore my programs back the way they were. My data is stored on other drives that won't be touched. I don't need automatic backup or cloud backup or anything like that.


Fully [H]
Feb 19, 2008
I've never heard of a program that backs up specific programs. You'll have to do a system image to grab that.

There are some very specific examples where say Windows Server Backup can backup/restore specific apps like Hyper-V. But again, that's something specific to Microsoft and some of their server apps.