Backlight Bleed on Alienware AW2721D?


Limp Gawd
Jan 4, 2010
Just bought the AW2721D -- love the monitor. But.....
I am 100% confused as to whether I'm having backlight bleed or not. When I watch a show or play games I don't notice any issues whatsoever. The only time I notice something is when the screen goes completely black and I move my mouse around. I do the backlight bleeding test and it's completely dark -- only when I move my mouse do I notice light coming from the edges.
Photos are below. First and last images show without moving mouse and in between images show with mouse moving.
What do you all think? I have plenty of time to get a replacement with Amazon warranty. I absolutely love the monitor otherwise -- 240hz gaming is sick and has made a huge difference for me. But, if this is a serious defect, then time to get a replacement.

EDIT: Did some more research --- I turned off the variable backlight and then this stopped happening, but then noticed some IPS Glow on the corners when it was off. Prefer the variable backlight on I think.
image (4).jpgimage (5).jpgimage (6).jpgimage (3).jpgimage (1).jpgimage (2).jpgimage.jpg
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