Backing up from multiple discs to one?

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    A bit of a n00b question about backing up drives. For the past several years I've been backing up my files on a couple of 64GB thumb sticks, as I haven't had large amounts of data to keep.

    But now that my internal computer drive is filling up, I'm thinking of getting another internal drive, as well as a proper external drive. I would like to also start regularly scheduling my backups.

    Question: Can you back up multiple internal drives to one external drive? (I mean simultaneously, rather than drive by drive), or can you only back up one drive across to another single drive? In other words, would I need to match the number of external discs to the number of internal discs?

    I haven't used backup software before, so I don't know how backup programs like Acronis or the ones in Windows 10 work.
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    It's better off to use a program like freefilesync and create a batch file of the directories from all the drives you want to backup. Then when you run the file it will do them as fast as possible but one drive at a time. If you try and copy multiple drives synchronously to single HDD you will run into disk write bottleneck and it will be slower.

    Although if you don't have that much data you might consider SSD. I would still use the method above, but even if not this route can handle a few more simultaneous write threads better. But whatever you do, always at least have a backup of your backup. And buy quality.
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