Back to full strength!!


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - April 2006
Oct 8, 2003
Well, I'm finally back to full strength with all of my folding machines... I moved out of my parents house in mid-December, and it took Verizon 3 weeks (3 hell-ish weeks of hearing "by 5pm on Tuesday" and "by 5pm on Friday" every Tuesday and Friday) to get my line installed... who knew installing a phone line to an already pre-wired apartment would be such a hassle............. But anyhow, the cable came yesterday (first try... even with the new cable modem :D !!!) So now my main box (the 2.4c in sig.) can get back to folding full time, without the pesky dialup issues I was having!!!

Hopefully, in a few weeks, once I see where monye issues sit, I can buy a few boxen to start a small farm :D

Happy (folding) New Year!
Great to hear you got everything to work and have your good connection back. Folding and Farming can become an addiction, beware of the effect that simulated proteins can have on the body:D
Welcome Back :D

Subliminal message: farms are your friends... build more farms... farms are cool... build it and they will fold...