AV Benchmarks


Mar 2, 2009
Hey Guys...

We are looking to get rid of our current Antivirus (Macafee SaaS) for something different. A while ago there was a thread with business benchmarks for AV. Does anybody have that handy? Also does anybody have any sites comparing Trend Micro Enterprise Security, Kaspersky Business Space, and Symantec End Point?


[H] Custodian
Jan 13, 2004
I don't have any benchmarks, but based off personal experience, I would take Trend & Symantec off your list. Trend doesn't find much these days, and Symantec has too many issues. It's a shame because Symantec's Norton consumer level stuff is great. The only time I've worked with Vipre is when performing virus removals on computers that had Vipre installed. Seems Vipre can't catch rootkits at all, nor most fakeav variants.

IMO Kaspersky it is, although I don't have experience with their business class products. But their consumer level products are top notch.


[H]F Junkie
Jul 19, 2004
Out of those 3, I would use Kaspersky.

They've had their years of sometimes buggy installs....and some versions which were quite a bit heavy, but they've lightened up recently...runs fine on dual cores with 4 gigs of RAM. Older H/T rigs with 2 or less gigs will feel it a bit more. BUT...these days, AV has to be heavier to do it's job well with web based threats...so older rigs really feel it with any good AV installed. Good security suites with their higher system requirements are a good excuse to demand newer workstations.