Audio Crackling


Oct 8, 2010
Just upgraded to Z490 and did a fresh install of Win10 and the audio is all messed up. There's very loud crackling/popping noises right when audio starts playing. Then it's fine during playback and for 10-20 seconds after playback stops, at which point it happens again. Googling this suggests it's due to some power saving mechanism turning the device on and off, but none of the reg keys mentioned to fix it exist and creating them and rebooting doesn't do anything. It happens both with the built-in Microsoft driver and the official Realtek driver.

Any ideas? I did not have this issue on my previous setup and really hope this is just some Win10 bug and not a problem with my board.

Edit: Just remembered I had an old ASUS DGX in my closet, so I installed that and it's no longer happening. I guess that means it was a problem with my board, then. Oh well.
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