ATI users: what utility to overclock / fix XP refresh rate?

Darth Flatus

Limp Gawd
Mar 23, 2003
I think Powerstrip will overclock as well as do the refresh rate fix. I tried it but if you don't pay the license fee and use the freeware version there's this annoying splash screen that appears every time you boot. It's on a count down timer (it has to count down to 0 before you can close the window) that seems to increase as you use the product. It started at 6 seconds when I first loaded it and was at over 20 sec. when I removed it from my system. It also conflicts with some programs like Punkbuster.

I used MultiRes for awhile but I'm back to Refresh Force (ReForce) for now. I think next time I load new drivers though I'm just going to use the refresh rate lock that's in the ATI software natively.