ATI 9800 Problems - Uhg


Apr 30, 2003
Hey guys my bro needs some help. He wanted to come on and search and post himself, but again these items seem to be locked. grrrrrrr

So here's what he's got and the problem he's having. Any ideas let us know.


ATI radeon 9800 problems

i just recently purchased a ati 9800, everything seemed fine, at first.
i reinstalled XP pro(was ready for a fresh install) , the 9800 came up just fine, xp added its own generic drivers. i installed everything off the driver cd from the box for the 9800,i then upgraded to catalyst 3.9. all still seemed just fine. installed NFSU and was rock and rolling kicking some major game butt. never had a single problem.
that night i left xp up on the net. next morning was still just fine...i was over joyed with my new vid card.

now the problems begin. i went out that day for 5 or 6 hours. came home to find these little black squares on my screen around icons and popup menus on the desktop and in the game NFSU. i fought with it for a while,reinstalled drivers (both off cd and cat 3.9) drivers always seemed to go in just fine. problem never really went away. i could get the problem to subside in certain areas, but was constant in the game.
after reinstalling directx 9B and both sets of drivers several tmes i found t he util to remove the complete ati driver setup files. again i had partial luck with that after redojng the drivers and directx 9b again.
so i thought hmmm i made a fresh restore point when i got xp up and running smoothly. i restored all the way back to my best clean restore...thinking this would resolve my problems. it did not. currently i have to box shut off and searchng out forums in dire need of help. btw i did also try to use the drivers from xp again with no luck, only thing i know i didnt try to do was to remove smartgart. not knowing what that was, i chose to leave it alone. i almost forgot that first night i also tried to install the external usb 2.0 to ide box. it had troubles before,it did not install, but i cant see this playing havoc with my video card. but then again thats why iam here....for help.

system specs

motherboard : asus A7N8X-X
video : ATI 9800 RADEON(problematic)
memory : 640mb DDR(2100)
DVD +/- R : TDK indidvd
CDRW : sony 32x
HDD : Western Digital 120gb
Probobly the heatsink isn't on right or something. Either RMA it or try reseating the heatsink.