Asus Rog Strix G15CE case possible solutions


Dec 18, 2006
So my son bought a Combo from BB yesterday in order to get the 3070 GPU that came with it. I have not really gone through it all fully but It also came with an i7-11700F + Asus rog strix b560-g gaming wifi Mini ATX Mobo + 16GBs of Ram (8GBs x 2... unclear on what brand/model yet), Asus 650 modular PSU (IDK which specifically) so I am going to keep it.

Now onto the problem and questions... This has to be the cheesiest Case I have even seen (and tried to work with) for a so called Gaming Rig and more so from what I thought was a reputable Company. This thing came with the OEM CPU cooler and 1, yes you read it correctly, ONE 90mm fan in the back.

Checked the whole box it came in, which BTW, very beautiful and slick but here was no manual to be found and even going online, the manual didn't tell me or help me open the front and top panels.

1.- Wanting to add a few more fans, I tried to open the front w/o breaking the whole thing, it wasn't easy but I did it not w/o issues as the power button came lose (loose?) and of course God only knows how they assembled it so the best thing I did was pull it to the side of the cases and use it manually or directly. Anyways, there are no holes or slots available to add any fans to the front.

2.- Read somewhere (after googling it for a while) that the top had 2 screws before it would open, found 1 on the back (easy enough to find, but couldn't found the 2nd one). I am sure that had I not been pretty pissed off by this time, I could have found it. LOL

I'm going to be using this case in a well ventilated room and I have a Cooler Master CPU Cooler that Thank God for this forum I found here for a very good price but I was wondering if you Wiz guys know of a simple way of adding more fans to it. Last thing I want to do is having to swap everything from my old rig to this one and vice versa but it is sounding more and more like the route I am going to have to take. :(