Asus QA has gone down hill from my experience


Aug 11, 2004
More of a rant, but I will keep this brief. I do live within 1 day shipping time for ground to and from asus, so at least on that front it could be allot worse. I purchased this motherboard new in January and still do not have a working motherboard.

1) Purchased a new P5Q-E on January 18th. Shipped and arrived end of January. Opened up the motherboard and found 2 broken PCI-E X16 slot rentention brackets. Outer boxes were fine and since these are lower profile than the NB controller, they must have broken off at the factory and just repacked in the box. Poor QA from the start.

2) RMA'd directory to the retailer. Received a replacement mid February. Completed
system build.

3) Found an issue with the motherboard after narrowing it down for several days.: Problem was duplicated with multiple hardware and was resolved with a seperatly purchased P5Q-E. Fortunately I have access to spare parts so without just rmaing blindly, I was able to narrow it down to the motherboard.

4) Started Tech ticket with asus as this was > return policy for the Retailer (they count the day from the original purchase, neglecting any rmas between). Informed Asus of the issue, provided detail results that was included in both the ticket and papers included with the RMA. Included what I did to reproduce it, including replacing it resolved the issue. Also provided contact information and pictures incase they had further questions withing the RMA box (which asus will deny your rma if they are missing) Approved for RMA and shipped out Mar 23rd.

5) Arrived at ASUS on the Mar 24th. Contacted ASUS through VIP online contact to check on status (knew that it had an ETA 10 days) but I wanted to make sure it arrived, if they had any questions, or if they expected any delays. Informed they won't know any details until it ships out.

6) Motherboard arrives back to me April 3rd. I dissasemble the working machine with the P5Q-E (bought to get a machine running) and use this RMA'd motherboard. After about an hour or two of disssassmbly/reassembly I end up with the same problem I originally had. Took a look at the serial number I returned, and the one I received, and it was the same. All they did was give me me the same motherboard in a new white box with all the details of my existing board. Looked at the paperwork and for problem they listed null, repair they listed null. No other information but null. Nothing listed under Customer Problem or Action taken. Bothers me as nobody bothered to read what I listed in the ticket, rma, or paperwork I included. Guess it was to much work for someone to even write a description for any item but I'm sure they spent all that time saved testing the motherboard:mad:

6) Called asus at 7AM (on hold for 30 minutes and had to disconnnect) and again at 8:30 (30 minutes on hold) asus and was informed by the RMA department that I need to go to second level support to approve a second rma because one was already issued (ie they sent me the same board back with no change but qualify that as a RMA replacement). Spoke with second level and they agreed I exhausted my options and he also recommended a replacement board so he placed me back in the original queue (on hold for another 30 minutes).

7) Once I got back to RMA they Informed me that I would need to wait 24 hours if they can resource a board and I would be responsible for shipping back. I then asked if I would receive a refurb board or a new board. They indicated it could be a refurb board but they have rigerous testing procedures. I asked since this is my 2nd rma could I request a new replacement. They once again commented about the rigerous testing procedures, but I had to comment after hearing this for the 5th time that I'm doubting how rigerous these are if this is my 2nd rma (one physical damage the other hardware) and you sent me the same problem board back without any details to what my original issue was. They commented they could not without speaking with a supervisor. I asked to speak with one and they replied they were busy but would leave a message.

8) I called back at shortly after 12. They informed me that management was in a meeting but I qualified for an advance RMA. This was recommend to not get the same board back. I asked to speak with a manager again, but informed they would leave a message.

9) Received an email at 2PM for advanced RMA that in short requests a Credit Card, Shipping charge to me for the replacment product, and 10$ handling fee, and I'm responsible for shipping back the old board. I call back customer service and indicated I want to speak with a supervisor or manager. Informed they were all busy but I qualified for advanced exchange with tracking (which I don't understand why this wasn't an option to begin with). The CS agent applogized and indicated they are leaving a message for the manager to call me back so they can approve a new board replacement.
I packed up the motherboard and shipped it out so it will be there tomorrow again. How this process works is once you ship out the board they can approve you for an exchange, however just 1 day ground time kind of defeats this purpose for me.

10) No call back so I called back at 6PM. Manager (which was explained earlier in the day that they were "all busy" is just really one) went home for the day and they indicated they would leave a message for me to call back:rolleyes:

What is frustrating is I consider myself a pretty reasonable person, but Asus really cares less on how many RMA's a person has to go through. They make the end user jump through many hoops to get an rma, but at the same time the person testing your motherboard doesn't even get the information which they mandate. Maybe I'm being unrealistic but after two RMAs, you think someone would be a little concerned about the customer.

Obviously one small fish in the pond, but I'm going to mark ASUS off my list for future builds. I'm still unsure on how this is going to pan out. I doubt any manager/supervisor is calling back and I'm certain once they receive my motherboard they will just ship out a refurb for a motherboard. Far cry from purchasing the motherboard new in January and never able to use it.
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Apr 19, 2008
I don't think that was all your imagination, Asus has dropped from where they were.