ASUS P6X58D-e not powering up


Limp Gawd
Oct 5, 2009
So my computer has been down for a few weeks while my watercooling loop was fixed up. After cleaning the blocks and discovering the problem, I assembled everything together, but unfortunately spilt some nonconducting coolant around the PCIe slots. I dried it as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and there does not seem to be any residue on the board.

With the case together, the power switch, on the case and the motherboard, does nothing. No fans, no POST beep, no life. The motherboard power indicator LED is lit, so I'm doubtful it is the power supply, and I successfully tested the case switch with a multimeter.

Although the i7-4770k is a compelling upgrade, it's part of an $800 package I'd rather not spend (right now, at least). Since this board is itself an RMA of a P6X58D Premium, I'm unsure if ASUS would even replace it (if it turns out to be dead).

So the question is what can I do to absolutely, definitively prove that the motherboard has gone south? I'm skeptical that the amount of coolant I spilled would cause such a major malfunction, but I don't understand what else could be wrong. CMOS battery? Peripheral (all unplugged)? Power supply (unlikely)? Solar winds?