Asus P5K-E and Quad Core temps


Limp Gawd
Apr 10, 2004
I've got a B3 Xeon 3210, those Q6600 clones that run 2.13GHz stock. All this stuff sits in a original P180 black with the Ninja Scythe, full sized and a 120mm pushing directly into the Scythe. There's also a modest X1950pro in there, stock clocks.

When I just built this setup I observed high 30's, low 40's degrees running stock. Now I'm seeing 51, 52. I've only got WoW on, some Firefox windows, plus a little Visual Studio, mostly idle and not compiling. My room temperature is always about the same. What gives?

I hauled the rig out and dusted everything inside with a can of air and a vacuum cleaner. I re-seated the CPU heatsink with fresh Arctic Silver. It lowered the temp from 52 to 50 at best. I believe it might be related to temperatures since after dusting, it's been stable for a few hours.

Now, this 5_ number is what Speedfan reports (and BIOS) says as the "CPU" temperature. But Speedfan is also reporting the 4 cores to be each at 34, 34, 30, 31, and system is 31. What temperatures should I believe? I have in fact been experiencing instability(Vista bluescreen),


*All temps are Celsius.