Asus p5b-e e6600 wont post oclock


Oct 2, 2004
Well i had my e6600@3.6 and it has been running fine for the past month.

Last night bfbc2 hung while i was shutting down so i had to ctrl alt del to kill it, that worked fine.. i then tried rebooting. The pc came down fine but on reboot it would not post. Lights come on and fans spin but nothing else.

I pulled battery and cleared cmos which usually works if i cant post, but this time nada.

I dont even know where to begin to test which component has died. Could it be cpu, mobo, 8800gtx (which was oclocked as well), or psu.

im thinking its not psu since it gets power to the board?

I am limited to my testing options since i dont have a spare pc with compatiable parts

any suggestions??