ASUS G60JX 1920x1080 i7-720QM 8GB RAM GTS360M

Jul 11, 2012
Up for sale is my ASUS G60JX fully functional with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with some editing software already installed. I used this laptop for photo/video editing and rendering and it actually worked really well as a fully portable editing suite. Also used to do a lot of gaming on it and it was awesome. I tend to reformat every 4-6 months. I've just done a full reformat and restore with all the latest drivers. I also clean the heatsink fan and fins every 6 months or so.

Note that this was custom ordered and has a couple upgrades:
i7-720QM @ 2.8 GHZ 6mb lvl 3 cache
1920x1080 GLOSSY screen - accurate colors, fast response time, great screen, NO scratches and NO dead pixels
Arctic Silver 5 on CPU and GPU copper heatsinks

See the link for full details.
Also note that I just pulled the images from NewEgg - kinda lazy lol
I took a screen shot of the hardware. If anyone wants real pics just let me know.
No scuffs or scratches are visible.

Buy it now is $780 with free shipping but feel free to make an offer. I'm only selling this because I'm building a desktop now that I've settled down.


Please note:
I checked the forum rules and it actually said no Ebay sales; however, I could have very easily misunderstood what the guidelines are. Furthermore, when I went to the the For Sale / Trade thread, I was unable to start a new FS thread as I do not have 50 posts or greater. If I have posted this in the wrong place, or in the wrong fashion, please advise and I will adhere to all stipulations. Thank you.

edit: just read the sticky about this beta thread :(
my bad
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GLWS. If you had heat maybe we could have worked something out? :)
what's heat?

What is HeatWare?

"HeatWare" ( ) is a community-based user feedback website that has been serving members of various message boards (i.e. AnandTech, HardForum, RedFlagDeals, etc) since 1999. HeatWare allows users to buy/sell/trade items with confidence by providing a history of the user's transactions via a rating and feedback system. In additional, HeatWare provides a collaborative tool (Trade Organizer) to track in real-time status updates on current transactions the user is engaged in. HeatWare is a 100% free site and has helped over 70,000 users in nearly 600,000 transactions. To begin using HeatWare, you must register for an account.
very interesting. damn good idea. wish i had an account there.
thanks for the link

right now, the only way i do things is PayPal. if anyone wants to make an offer, i can just reduce the Buy It Now price or you can submit an offer on ebay.

is Heat more respected than, say, PayPal "standards?"

It's just for trader references. When you buy, sell, or trader on forums you can leave feedback based on how well the transaction went. You don't get any of that directly through PayPal and eBay is very limited to how much information you can give. Also you have to fork out more money on fees if done through eBay as oppose to selling on forums.