Asrock P67 ex4 odd issue "need help"


Limp Gawd
Nov 11, 2009
My aging i5 -2500k build recently had the gpu go out in it, at least that was my original thinking.
it was a bfg gtx280, i had an old 8400gs card to test with, it would not work in the top pciex slot
would give the same "D6" error that the 280 did, but if i put it in the 2nd slot the 8400gs would post
and boot, and that is what i used to copy off some data.


i ordered an rx580 8gb while they were on sale, get it, put it in, but now i get error "97"
no matter what slot same error, some1 else had told me it was too new and i needed to
flash the bios of the board, asrock only has the win7 flash on site, and took all the other ones down
after searching a bit i found the files but tons upon tons of threads of people with bricked boards after flashing

thinking of just biting the bullet and upgrading it all, i mean it is time, but i would like to know for sure why the rx580
wouldn't work on the board