Armoury crate and G skill ram !


Feb 26, 2010
I got some G skill Royal trident Z F4-3600C14Q-32GTESA to be exactly.
And i got a Maximus Extreme XIII motherboard with a Gigabyte 3080 ti.

Now armoury crate works fine with the preinstalled effects and synch my ram.
But when i want to open armoury creator to make my own colour effect scenes, then my ram isent detected on the device list.
I only see my motherboard and my phantek led strips that can be sellected for a effects.

Do anyone have the same problem or have the same ram with armoury crate/creator and cant see ther ram in that device list ?
Or have anyone fixed it ?

Also i tryed to use Fusion 2.0 from Gigabyte to set my gpu RGB but when that program opens, then i only see a blank motherboard and i cant press anything.

I know there is open rgb and signal rgb and what not, but the thing is im bound to use Thermal take rgbPlus to set my fan speed to sillent.
And every unofficial RGB tool is messing up with my RGB.

For now i installed Trident z lighting service but that tool dosent have the same effect scene and colours that i want to use.