Arm mounting question LG 38GL950-B


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Mar 8, 2009
Hey everyone,

I bought a LG 38GL950G a couple months ago, it's been awesome. A HUGE upgrade over my previous 23" 1080p/60hz monitor and a worthy upgrade to pair to my gaming PC I built in the fall.

Currently I just have it sitting on my desk, pushed back as far as it can go. I have been thinking about arm mounting the monitor (i.e. ergotron arms or amazon basics arm) but one question I have is whether this will get the monitor to sit closer to the wall, or further from it? The arm methods all seem to root the mounting arm or mounting pole by clamping onto the edge of the desk, which itself is still a little bit away from the wall. Also what size of arm is required for the LG 38"? In looking at amazon the amazon basics arm/ergotron say that they only support up to 32", do I need to look into a "heavy duty" class of arm for this monitor? I don't really need a lot of adjustability (i.e. once I set it up it won't really need to move around).


A couple of pictures to describe the distance from the wall question:
From the front:

From the side... you can see if I put an arm mount on the side of the desk, the "root" of the arm or pole would be sitting a bit away from the wall and then the monitor would have to protrude even further than it is now? Or could it work out that the arm would root at the desk edge but the swing arm portion could go backwards a bit towards the wall thus keeping the monitor where it is or slightly closer to the wall than it is now?


Jan 16, 2003
You’ve hit on one of the problems with monitor arms. Theyre a bit awkward if you’ve not got heaps of space.

I have mine in the same sort of setup and it does stick out a touch more, but is more adjustable.To have it as low profile as possible it is off centre. I hate the look of that but the adjustability is worth it (the stand is too low)

i have a monitor arm which ‘locks’ though, so I chose to not have it go past the desk. If I change that then I can have it go past the back of the desk, but obviously in my case I’ll hit the wall.You can get alternate mounts, from low profile wall mount to slat walls and the like, just depends what you need.

In terms of weight, generally you’re looking at the heavier duty stands, if the weight without stand if around the capacity, just go up a step, they tend to move poorly, sag, or even drop when it’s at the edge of specs. Not worth it given the cost of the monitor

Apologies for the mess in the pics, study is a state with covid. However you get the idea.




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Mar 22, 2008
I have the Amazon arm with a 34" LG. Works great. Your monitor is 17 lbs, and the arm holds up to 25 lbs so that should be okay.

However, you still need space behind your desk. If you mount as-is, the screen would probably be in the same position.

You do have the option of moving your desk forward a few inches, and then you should have clearance to twist the arm backwards. I haven't tried this, but it looks like it would work.