Ark Technologies ,Inc. K600/12 Server Power Supply

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    Ark Technologies ,Inc. K600/12 Server Power Supply

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    Ark Technology 600W ATX Computer Power Supply ARK600, Supports SATA PS2


    20+4pin x 1, (4pin P4 x 1) or (8pin x 1), SATA x 3, 4pin Molex x 2, FDD x 1, All cables are with black sleeve net

    Complies with FCC part 15J class B

    Operating Voltage115Vac Operation and CISPR22 230Vac OperationMTBF >100KHrs at 25┬░CRadiation Filter YesSafetyOver Voltage Protection, Over Power Protection, Short Circuit Protection Input Current 1.1A@100V100&Burn-in under high Ambient Temperature (50┬░C) Yes100% Hi-pot & Function (Chroma) testedYesOutput Watage 600W with 120mm fan

    Warranty Status or available unknown or available through ebay only courtesy of assurant or squaretrade only if applicable.

    Will accept offers as low as 5 percent less than the buy it now automatically or 10 less than the buy it now, but less than 5 percent of buy it now manually accepted.

    Product information
    Package Dimensions 10 x 7 x 5 inches
    Item Weight 4 pounds
    Shipping Weight 4 pounds
    Manufacturer Ark Technology Inc.
    ASIN Not Sure
    Customer Reviews
    3.6 out of 5
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