Areca SSD RAID performance low

Sep 26, 2012
I have an Areca setup a RAID6 with 6 Kingston V300 desktop SSD drives. (not worried about them not being enterprise)

Bonnie++ shows some rather low results. Because of the way bonnie outputs it's results, I uploaded the HTML format to my site:

Block input is 200MB/s
Block output it 650MB/s
Rewrite at 142 MB/s

The two that reallyyyy throw me:
Input per character is 2MB/s
Output per character is 4MB/s

Anyone know if I am setting up the RAID6 incorrectly?
I have:
64K stripe size
512b block size
Areca card, backplane, and mSAS cables are all 6Gb/s


OK I just discovered that the SATA Mode is set to 150 for some odd reason:

Current SATA Mode SATA150+NCQ(Depth32)
Supported SATA Mode SATA600+NCQ(Depth32)

Anyone know how to change it? I see stuff for SATA HDDs in the Adavanced settings, but nothing else.
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Sep 26, 2012
turns out the 1680ix-16 is actually a 3Gbps card. The SSDs will only operate in 1.5Gbps if 6.0 is not available.

Here is an overview of my findings

Firmware is 1.51(most recent)

I plugged in a sata 2 SSD and it showed the full SATA300.
I plugged in a sata 2 HDD and it showed the full SATA300.
I plugged in a sata 3 HDD and it showed SATA150.
I plugged in a sata 3 SSD and it showed SATA150.


Mar 7, 2021
You have to use the CLI interface via a terminal to program the SAS expander build into the card for SATA300 minimum speed. See for more info